I played through Joanas Guide with a Rogue (all the way from 1-70) and was able to deal with most everything, except for a few elites and I skipped most all of the group quests.
As for the 7days thing, thats been the advertised time since I picked zygors of idemise (or whatever they called themselves) years ago back in TBC.
If you guide let yourself get a couple of levels ahead zygor of the guide then this ceases to be guide an issue.
They were both PDF documents guide (digital ebooks.).Youll be able to do the blast leveling to level 90 (and later, 100) in very good time and get into all that good end game stuff.Yeah, even for you leveling Druids out there.If you look through the configuration options youll see a place to set your difficulty rating.Want to skip a quest?Doing a lot of dungeons will put you ahead of the guide, but advancing to your new position in the guide is easy.No more having to remember where you are: the guide remembers all.One more thing: It really doesnt matter how many levels you gain in the dungeons, PvP, or what level you start using the guide.Thats a time saver.Zygor will figure zygor out where you are, where you need to go, and will let you delete obsolete leveling quests.Others, more disciplined, will easily be faster.See above for a rare quibble about step skipping.As soon as youre ready a popup will let you know and give you the option to move on, This presents you with a difficult choice: Stay where you are and level by mashing easy mobs, click yes and advance forward to something a bit.Leave the questing to gain a few levels, come back to Zygors, hit that right arrow, and the guide will advance to the next suitable quest. 01:06 PM #1, hey Guys Out there! By the projota way, this also works fine if youre 85 and in the sims new Mists of Pandaria zones or 90 and working through projota the Warlords zones (when its released.) The entire path of quests is visible in the guide window.
Disclaimer: Part 1: If you quicken buy the guide through the links on this page I do get a cut.
Thats a tough act, but John pulls it off nicely and his Zygors Guide rocks.
No more websites Enough detail is included so that you rarely have to look at your quest log and certainly never at any website, its all in the guide.I7-4770k - GTX 780 Ti base - 16GB DDR3 Ripjaws - (2) HyperX 120s / Vertex 3 120 ASRock Extreme3 - Sennheiser Momentums - Xonar DG - evga Supernova 650G - Corsair H80i build pics, 01:54 PM #15 That's incredibly sad if people actually use leveling guides.The waypoint arrow can be novo moved anywhere on screen."Ok, fuck it, compatible I lied.Every once in awhile the guide doesnt update automatically.Dunno how that is possible making it more "Fun".Once you finish an area, go to the Hero's call board/next zone.Having all the necessary info right there on the main screen has pretty much spoiled us for any of the other guides (though theyre all coming out with in-game guides now.) Its easy for the new player to follow and efficient enough for the experienced.

For the average player running, wow zygor leveling guide for example, a Paladin, the guides could be frustrating in spots, due to the level of the mobs.
Well without any addons i do that journey in half the time so yeah i prefer to level just by myself., 07:51 PM #19 Originally Posted by Dekadez It's not about need, it's about speed.
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