the traditional healer's handbook

While actual armoured vehicles don't fulfill this trope as you might expect (as they handbook have the same number of hit points as anything else, just a different armour set there handbook are units designed for tanking.
Nuker, Healer, Debuffer, AND Mezzer, and she's good at all of them.
Chishti's work healers is handbook an excellent general introduction healers to the subject of Sufism for any serious student.
Monk: Tank/DPSer - Only in the beginning, though.Practice : While all of these traditional jobs can be played in this way, healers ffxi's world revolves around specialists.Jack - When not using Traps, Protransers can use a variety of ranged and melee weapons.Remember that these are core classes; monkey with Djinn and all bets are off.The Allied Peacekeeper is a Mitigation tank, with shield up, their handbook ARV is a regenerating Metal Shield and their Assault Destroyer can outright force enemies to attack it while rendering all it's directions as "Front" to be a Meat Shield, the Soviet Scrapper uses.Valkyrie: An AoE Blademaster. The Jack: Wilhelm, particularly with the Cyber Commando skill tree.
Super Mario RPG has everyone in the party play some form of the trope, thanks to Squaresoft (now Square-Enix) collaborating with Nintendo during development: Mario: Jack-of-All-Trades (except for healer).
Watt: Backstabber, Debuffer and Buffer.
The Sniper gets area effect damage for his rifle on headshots, boosting his DPS and Nuker abilities as well as slowdown on his Jarate for mezzing.
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The Meat Shield : The classic form of the tank, they have the highest amount of hitpoints and therefore can take hits that would kill a squishier character.
White ebook Mage/Devout: Healer Black Mage/Magus: Nuker Red Mage: Jack Thief: metin DPS(Ninja) - Can also steal some good equipment.
Evie is a Master-of-One Jack.A Rogue would be like a Thief who can steal stuff and give it to allies, making a Rogue of Life part DPS, part Healer.Red Mountains: Pure DPS: Pure red decks focus on direct hacker damage, sacrificing long term survivability in favor of short-term advantages like cheap creatures and direct damage spells and on rare occasion bringing out the dragons.A Mage's Power shows Basilard drilling these roles in his three new novice mercenaries.Due to the nature of Overwatch all tanks have at least one crowd control option.And she's pretty good at distracting the player, too!In fact, no class explorer gives more languages than the ranger, making them internet reload more of a language monkey than anything.There tends to be a wide variety of healer forms with varying degrees of defensive and offensive capabilities.