The Army of chosen Darkness comics go chosen into much further expositions and machinations that revolve around just how much it sucks being The Chosen One.
It seems this calling was given to him the chosen moment he opened the book and began reading.They are also one of chosen only two base classes in the game that has no weak saving throws.The first series has Aang, and the second Korra.With Ness as a more specific Chosen One.Shepard even has the opportunity to recruit the Avatar of the previous cycle, Javik.However, this power is not overused as he is only present in three of the eight published novels so far.Later on it turns out that he was the Chosen One all along.Though it doesn't fit perfectly, Nasu says that in the Nasuverse, only one person can be born with the potential to possess "Eyes of Death Perception".The dwarves are implied to conceal deep grudges against him.The Gatekeepers chosen from The Power of Five.Slightly different case with Koichi, who wound up in the Digital World by chosen another method, but was nonetheless chosen as the proper bearer by his particular Spirits.How To Hero has a whole post about them here.In chosen World of Warcraft : Legion the Naaru Xe'ra reveals that the Child of Light and Shadow prophesied to end the Age of Demons is Illidan Stormrage. Final Fantasy X was a deconstruction.
In the Wheel of Time fantasy series, Rand al'Thor is chosen by destiny to be Dragon Reborn.
In Wrong Time for Dragons by Sergey Lukyanenko and Nick Perumov, the protagonist is an everyman from our world who ends up in a fantasy setting in the "middle" world (between our non-magical world and a world where magic is everywhere) prophesied to be the.
The, chosen One is the grandchild of the, vault Dweller, and the player character.
Duncan MacLeod in the Highlander TV series.
Final Fantasy XV : The main story has Noctis and his ancestors whom decided he would be the Chosen King of Light, destined to banish the darkness at the cost of his own life and after the previous king, the Big Bad, failed.
Contents show, background Edit Family ties Edit The bloodline of the wasteland's most influential tribesman extends all chosen the way back to the Vault Dweller and his spouse, Pat.
Emmet ultimately uses the power of the same words said to him to convince Business himself that he's also worth something and doesn't need to gain superiority over others in order to feel better about himself.Rhian also displays elements of this trope as she is mentioned by Hettie.In the last part of the mini-series, Aaron finds out that his father is Lucifer Morningstar, who wants to be redeemed and start another war against the Creator.This may be a subversion however, as the tournament games ( said to be set after the first game ) suggest that the Nali are still being hunted, although the reference is non-specific enough that you could easily assume your character at least made their.It's implied that she chosen was able to do this because she nullifies all magic around her.Funnily enough, despite being the one to stand alone against the forces of darkness, there are plenty of characters out there who make the Slayer look pathetic in comparison.The Neon Court and the Tribe spend most of the book preparing to go to war over a prophesied Chosen One who's supposed to give victory to whichever side she chooses.Unlike most examples of the trope, there are multiple Chosen Children, to the point where the Adventure continuity had an arc where the main characters assisted Chosen around the world and concluded with everyone in the world becoming one.