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Added recuva support for USB drives with review a sector size of 2048 bytes.V1.15.327 (11 Jun 200 - recuva Fixed bizarre crash in filter box (if you press review F4 twice).Added translator information to About Screen.Optimized Windows 2008 Server deep scan routines.V1.04.104 - Fixed issue that stopped Recuva working from a USB drive under XP64.Various recuva small UI tweaks.Improved handling of fragmented MFT.V1.35.472 - Improved ntfs scanning algorithm.V1.31.437 - Added recuva email recovery to Wizard.V1.53.1087 - Improved Ext4 and Ext3 file system support - Improved Fat32 partition file scanning - Optimized Secure Overwrite on Windows 10 - Enhanced review drive and partition detection - Improved keyboard navigation review - Minor GUI improvements - Minor bug fixes.52.1086 - Added Ext4 file.Startup time improved with better memory management.Added sort arrows to list view.V1.32.444 - Improved analysis of exFAT drives. Improved progress family indication on season large files.
Various minor tweaks and improvements.
Added Scan All Drives feature.
V1.20.361 (22 Oct 200 - Improved detection of encypted season files.
Fixed office bug phase that could cause crash during deep episode scan, caused by corrupt image files.Various family UI changes.Improved scan canceling on large files.Updated and simplified the installer.Minor bug fixes.Fixed tree view family tooltips in Win2000.Dynamic changing of language.