Odd behaviour aside, it windows does seem to get the placesbar job done.
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PlacesBar Tweaker, this places bar Tweaker goes way back to 2004, and as you would expect, has one or two issues with Vista and 7 although the editor program does work fine for the most part.
MadDog PlacesBarEditor, although this last utility actually predates Windows XP (2001) it is actually the one I prefer of placesbar the three because its simple to use, portable and apart from one tiny issue, works great.Check, disabled if you want to disable the option temporarily.Win 7 does work but the windows border windows tends to go a bit awol.Enter the path of the option's icon in the.Download PlacesBar Tweaker.You can also click on the button to browse the icon.URL of the web page.The Office tab is compatible with Office.The only editor downside to this software is that it insists on opening windows up the donations page everytime you run.Edit the fields in the Add/Edit Item area as you like and click Edit Item.For example, do common folks really need a shortcut to My Network in the Open/Save dialogue box?After you download and install it, the first few times you run the program, it will pop up a Donate window and open your browser with a PayPal page to make a donation, its a bit annoying but does only do it the first few.Office does not use the dialogue boxes provided by Window, hence changing the.However, you need not worry, since PlacesBar Editor allows you to separately specify settings for the MS Office Places Bar. Also, the series Group Policy Editor is not available in versions of Windows Home Premium.
The issue comes with it not recognising post XP shortcuts like windows Recent Places and Libraries and having less Special Folder shortcuts to choose from, but if you arent worried about that type of shortcut, this tool is less quirky than the books Melloware one although.
PlacesBar Editor may plugin not be as feature packed, but it still qualifies as an essential productivity booster, books which all Windows users should check out.
Context Menu Location list.
You can click on the button to browse the file.
Select the location of the context menu from the.When I used Windows XP, the Places bar had been customised to make better use of those five shortcuts that are available making them a bit more useful.Eventually, I came across a few small utilities which claim series to do the job, although even the newest one is only from 2008, but thought they were worth a try anyway.The only problem is, the utility used to do it was that indispensable little tool, TweakUI.Download Melloware PlacesBar Editor.Download door2windows App Bundle door2windows App Bundle gives you access to all the latest apps released by door2windows in one download (along with future updates).Download PlacesBar Editor (1004 KB cost: Donationware, version Reviewed:, morning operating System: Windows 2000/ME/XP/Vista/7, subscribe.PlacesBar Tweaker is compatible with Windows.Download MadDog PlacesBarEditor, all three utilities will probably eamcet need administrator privileges so you may need to right-click on the icon and select Run as Administrator.Download Ultimate Windows Context Menu Customizer door2windows App Bundle gives you access to all the latest apps released from door2windows in one download.The other day when I was in Windows 7 doing a few things, a file requester came up with the Places bar down the left hand side, and then it suddenly struck.Select the location of the context menu from the Context Menu Location list.Removing An Item Run the tool as administrator.Select the item that you want to edit from the Context Menu Items list.