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Using the new suite of Oracle data business intelligence tools to analyze data data for marketing, sales, and more.
Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.Now the backend database is migrating from Oracle 8i to Oracle 9i/10g.Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates.Oracle Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Solutions.Rather than providing an external data-transformation engine, OWB executes all of its transformations within an Oracle database leveraging business the scalability and performance of the database platform.These summaries are completely transparent to the application, since the database provides query rewrite capabilities in which a query against a base set of star-schema tables is rewritten to access summary data.Oracle Exadata business Storage Server The Oracle Exadata Storage Server is a database storage device powered by Exadata Storage Server Software running on Sun hardware.Exadata business Hybrid Columnar Compression The Oracle Exadata Storage servers data also enable new hybrid columnar compression technology that provides up to a 10 times compression ratio, without any loss of query performance.RAC also delivers a tremendous amount of flexibility for managing multiple workloads within a single database.Today, Oracle includes Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle Warehouse Builder s advanced features as two components of Oracle Data Integrator Enterprise Edition.Real Application Clusters Real Application Clusters enable a single database to scale across multiple servers.More data warehousing advice : Browse the archives of Ian Abramson's expert advice on DW implementation and ETL.Multi-version read consistency guarantees that a user always sees a consistent view of the data requested.Up-to-date, comprehensive coverage of the Oracle database and business intelligence tools. Moreover, Oracle provides illuminati SQL access to all of its analytics, so that they can be implemented with illuminati any SQL-based tool or application environment.
How easily can you integrate the results of your statistical analysis with your data warehouse data?
Saving lives with Oracle BI : In the area of medical informatics, powerful tools such as Oracle Discoverer and Oracle Data Mining are improving the quality of health care and helping scientists to save lives.
An olap-based materialized view leverages the olap data structures, activation in which all possible aggregations can be quickly retrieved.
As new activation racks of Oracle Database Machines are incrementally added to a system, the storage capacity and performance of the system grows; a two-rack system is simply twice as powerful as a single rack.
At runtime, every active node in a cluster will cache a subset of the data being processed in parallel; subsequent parallel operations accessing the same large objects will leverage the cache of all active nodes.
OWB is included as a no-cost database feature, and is designed to allow any Oracle customer to efficiently build a data mart or data warehouse, of any size.Code-generating tools (like Oracle Warehouse Builder) are supposed to be faster.This is achieved be exposing the key libro capabilities of Oracle olap via libro standard SQL, so that any business intelligence tools or other SQL-based application can leverage olap.Thus, a star schema with an olap-based materialized view provides the performance of a star schema with thousands of relational materialized views but with a single easy-tomanage olap cube that is highly compressed and provides efficient update capabilities.One could easily and dynamically allocate more nodes to ETL processing at nighttime, for example, libro while re-allocating those nodes to query processing during the day.Is this possible when using DataGuard in a standby DR replication scenario?".We would like to know the impact and areas of concern." The BI application consolidation challenge : This tip addresses the necessity and difficulty of consolidating business intelligence applications gained through acquisitions.see how to build Oracle Business Intelligence Interactive Dashboards for executive management.With Smart Scans, only the relevant amount of the rows and columns will be sent back to the database servers to compute the final results, a normally relatively small amount of data., Using Storage Indexes, illuminati Smart Scans will identify the relevant data sections without accessing.When managing database environments, integration is key : This tip describes the importance of ETL tools to integration, a key process for managing complex database environments.Scaling out is easy; the additional Oracle Database Machine is connected to the InfiniBand interconnect in existing racks, and Oracle automatically rebalances the database to fully utilize all of the storage and processing power of all racks.