Amanda adhered to them as the wild first game got underway.
Martin cut, Connor laurens dealt and the laurens second game began.A dark shape rose from a chair at the end of the room - a man, wild broad-shouldered and tall.They reached the last table and paused."Miss Amanda Cynster." She extended her laurens hand.The first gentleman didn't even smile.If she'd found any thing to her taste in the more established night venues, she would never have considered coming here."There have to be some out there who stephanie measure up to our cousins." The Bar Cynster, that notorious group of six who had for so long lorded it over the ton, leaving uncounted ladies languishing in their wake until, one by one, fate had snared.Linking her arm in his, she smiled. That would suit admirably." She glanced up at bill Connor.
A gentleman of sufficient substance to render their not-inconsiderable dowries by-the-by; a laurens man of their world well-connected enough to take the powerful Cynster clan in laurens his stride.
His only motive in hauling her out of the hole she'd fallen into was purely altruistic.
Then he inclined bill his head, and, as always unhurriedly, left her.
As for her eyes, they were cornflower blue, the same history shade as the most expensive instagram sapphires.
Sharp bones rode high above the austere sweep of his cheeks, lean, gates lightly shadowed where they met his jaw, uncompromisingly square.
Being new, the hell had attracted the most dangerous bucks and blades searching for the latest in dissipation.
"But not for."Actually, we were just-" "Looking for the right challenge?They were surrounded by strong women, ladies all, who had, one and all, found happiness in their marriages.He and Amanda had gained one point on the hand.What the devil she was doing here, swanning through the latest hell like a lure in a pond full of hungry trout he couldn't conceive.She let the thoughts light her eyes, and held out her hand.That being the case, they've decided it's time to search less respectable locales.Amanda knew she should coolly dismiss Connor and let Reggie lead her away, but she couldn't - simply could not - stomach the thought that Connor and every gentleman present would smirk knowingly at her departing back, and laugh about her once she was gone.A face as elegantly aristocratic as his clothes, as powerful and definite as his carriage.Thus far, Amanda had adhered to his injunction; he prayed she wouldn't get distracted by his or Connor's tactics.He'd seen her trying to avoid old Connor while still retaining her pride; he'd understood why she'd dug in her heels, made a stand, then flown in the face of all wisdom and accepted Connor's wager.Many thought she was the stubborn one, the stronger, more overtly confident one.