logic studio 9 vs ableton live 8

Learning If you have ableton had any experience with garage band then you will understand and pick up Logic Pro live very quickly.
Most of the functionality and controls will either be logic very similar or exactly the same as GarageBand, which is great for ensuring a smooth and speedy transition.I can logic bang out beats start to finish studio and add any effect or automation I want instantly.and then theres the matter of workflow.This makes it very powerful for large stage performances, live acts, audio visual shows and anything else where you might want synchronization between hardware, software visuals.The advanced mode in Logic Pro can live be turned off to simplify the workflow for new producers but we recommend leaving this turned.It could be argued that versions of Ableton Live prior to Live 10 could have done with a face-lift, which is essentially exactly what happened in Live.Another good reason to choose Logic is that you record audio, if you live in the acoustic world then its pretty obvious you need Logic Pro, or Logic Audio as it was once known.Midi isn't as comprehensive, Quantization is awkward.They can very easily get a rough drum track down using Logics virtual drummer so they can practice or improvise new piano/vocal parts along to the track.If ableton you want to perform live, I definitely recommend ableton first. Its a technical powerhouse of which users only really use 5 of its features on a daily basis.
Ableton Live has been considerably more stable in all previous versions which is clearly very important due to its heavy use for live performance where the possibility of a crash can be devastating to a show.
There is no doubt Ableton english is easier to employ the throw some ideas at the canvas and studio see what sticks approach.
Ableton Live throws you in the deep end with having to understand session/arrange view which can be a complicated concept to grasp for beginners but it also has some great built-in lessons.
If you need a DAW to use live, Logic is not a good choice but I do chosen prefer it for recording, mixing, etc.Both Logic Pro and Ableton Live are capable of auto-saving in the background.Both Ableton Live and Logic Pros user interface are now very nice to look.Once you learn the language of either Ableton or Logic you are most likely to stick with it for twenty years so choose wisely!It also allows for some quick chosen modern style sound design.Something important to bear in mind is that what you learn initially is what youll most likely stick to using, so think about what kind of act access you are going game to be to help shape your decision.Garage Band Apples lite version of Logic Pro Summary There are a few things both applications could do with taking on board from chosen one another but they are both equally good at what they do in their respective fields.If you are writing something truly original, then i think you might want logic.

If you grew logic studio 9 vs ableton live 8 up on Cubase or Pro Tools, Logic will likely make more sense.
Navigation is easy, its easy to guess how to accomplish a task in Logic.