itazura na kiss love in tokyo episode 7

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love Kotoko is stupid, but not so much that the viewer wants to slap her in the face.Naoki seems less colder and much cooler which makes me excited to see his actions.Dramacool regularly updates new technology.I have high hopes from the next airing episodes.I don't really know how they managed to do that, but I'm quite admirative of what they did here.The poster was tokyo appealing to me and the description as well.For someone who watched love all the remakes, love it would be very hard episode to make him enjoy the first ep, right?The actor playing Naoki has that coldness down to.Our website strictly does not use pop up, tokyo direct site episode ads or any ads that would annoy your view.I liked it so much!It bores me until that certain scene when.Can they surpass nor reach the level of what iswak leads acting and perfomance showed to us? Upon public rejection only her friends Jinko, Satomi, and love Kinnosuke can cheer her up when she is made fun.
This is the first drama I've given a try.
I'll be stickin around I think we all know the plot by heart at this point.
All though I kept having these deja-vu and I know what's gonna happen next thundercats feels (having seen ALL the remakes, be it drama anime and remakes) and I was kinda worried about the lead male since he looked so young.
I burst out laughing, and i can't stop myself from pressing the replay button in that 5 seconds thundercats of my happiness.Nothing new but episode guess what?This first episode had me already wishing they make a season two xD Looking username forward player to the next episodes.I hated the old J-version, episode I loved the T-version but found it too long and slow-paced, and to me the K-version was just pathetic.I'm not into dramas or anime apart from Sailor Moon.Honoka Miki - Kotoko Aihara, yuki Furukawa - Naoki Irie, yuki Yamada - Kinnosuke Ikezawa.Report This Episode, facebook, switch Off Light, download.Things get worse when a meteor crashes into her home causing her and her father to move in with his childhood friend which is also Naoki's house.It was funny and cute, plus the acting was nice.A very promising start!A fresh start to a good manga.Compared to the Korean and Taiwanese ones best this seems so much more sensible.This isn't as good as the Taiwanese version.

Plus the two friends look super cool.
Well, I'm just hoping that as the show progresses, it becomes even better, not suckish (so I can actually finish an Itazura Na itazura na kiss love in tokyo episode 7 Kiss version :P).