the water.
The guy in the "Ammunation" store who sells you the guns also is wearing a jacket which has the Rockstar logo in the top corner, check it out with a sniper rifle for easy viewing (esp.
Workers will start to attack you when they see you, but if you fly very low they will get killed by the heli's blades.Enable the gettherefast code and get in the Sabre Turbo.Fly in the sky as high as you can.The file itself gives good pointers towards which values should be changed, and you should backup any files you intend to edit.So just try this guide according to the pause menu map.Tips FOR GTA -vice city: BY swaraj SUR vice IS game IS very easy TO play without cheats.To find 1st type of cheat load a clean savegame enter the cheat and try to save.All traffic lights are green, bigbang, blow up nearby cars.Deluxo - Complete the first list of cars at the car showroom and it will spawn on the first floor.Then start with the mission.The Money Will Gradually Appear On The Register.Ride a brust car: Submitted by: Muammad Bilal Mustafa Start the GTA Vice city game drive 2 to 3 minutes shortcut any car. TO GET money shortcut without killing anyone: Submitted by: licketh when you shippuden buy studio you will get a mission that to shippuden pick up the candy now when you go there studio you will see street light near game that street light there will be a red colour small.
Go to the marina hotel near by, in the middle of the hotel there are bazzoka launcher ready to be picked.
How to increase your health to 125: Submitted by: MadMahi(Mahesh) In the night Get a nice car and get near any prostitute (probably wearing black dress - 2 piece) and press horn she will come and talk to you.
Black Voodoo - Steal it during the Two Bit Hit Mission.
Rhino - Collect 90 hidden packages and it will spawn at Fort Baxter Air Base.There should be a Sparrow in the first one on your right.Before doing this trick take a backup of your g file at your desktop.The only problem is that you cannot fly the plane, so now jump from plane to die.Unlockables: Unlockable full How to Unlock Faster weapon reload - Beat 45 or more Points at the shooting range Fireproof on Foot - Beat a level 12 Firetruck Mission Taxi Hydraulics - 100 Taxi fares 150 Health - Beat a level 10 Pizza Boy Mission Infinite.It Can game Fire game Rockets And Has a Built-in Machinegun.

Make Decent Money Fast: This is a really good way to gta vice city shortcut keys make a quick 1,000.
When the garage door closes type the cheat "bigbang".
Low the bar of draw distance.