Produce 15 effective moves successfully after building a mill.
All Cheats inside rome from the first cheatbook January 1998 until today. .Gladiator - Perform a chain reaction of fifteen blows after building a Coliseum.Jewel Master: Cradle of Rome 2 cradle forum for cradle discussion.Submit them through our form.Tips and Tricks:, the quicker you rome finish a level, the larger time bonus you receive.Alle Trainer zu Cradle of Rome 2 anzeigen h4x0r#.: h4x0r Present.Change the timer: Submitted by: David Schneider Here are some cheats to help you if cheats you find u just can't beat the clock.It will appear similar to: ResBonus type"10" amount"200" min_amount"0" max_amount"200 these are your bonus weapons.When the level is finished you can use your resources.Cradle Of Rome 2 v8 7 Trainer Release On : 1/12/2010 Disk Amount/Format : 1 rar Type cheats of Game : Puzzle Plataform : retail Game Version : 8 Fixed Exe : Team F4CG Music: atomic cheats keys Trainer Options: insert enable trainer numpad1 unlimited lives numpad2.It will make you play the next level and it should show 100000 in all 3 categories.Now, open "Profiles. Make cheats a copy of it before making any changes so you cheats have a backup.
Please note that I'm using - and - to set off the text to be changed.
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Type cheats 3 is food.
Unlimited bonus weapons: Use a text editor to edit the your name.
Try to fill your extra time power-up, so you can use it right before you finish the level to maximize the time bonus!
Submitted by: Semi S, unlimited Gold, Supplies, and Food Cheats:, use a text editor to edit the.xml file in the "save" folder in the game directory.In the Cradle of Rome directory you'll find a file named "Profiles.Submitted by: David.Find the line near the top where it says where "name" equals your user name and " begin and end each line of code).If you need them again for the same level, exit the game and repeat the steps.The time now is 02:33.Xml" that you can edit.Note: The other number is your total time playing that level, it too can be changed.Priest - Finish a level in three minutes after building the Pantheon.Miner - Get 2,000 units of supplies in one level after building a Quarry.Tips and Tricks: The quicker you finish a level, the larger time bonus you receive.