The following achievements require the "Witch Hunt" bonus downloadable content: Varterral's Fall (25 points codes Defeated the varterral on Hard or Nightmare difficulty.
Staff Of The Magister Lords: Purchased it in the Wonders Of Thedas dragon in Denerim.
Additionally, if the merchant has an item origins more expensive than the one you are selling, buy it, and use that instead to increase the amount of gold you get.
They dragon are merchants, and the son is an enchanting savant.The following achievements require the "Warden's Keep" bonus downloadable content: Diabolist (25 points Took advantage of Avernus's research.This glitch should also work with books that add Skill or Talent points.The father has good items to start.The Rose's Thorn: origins Purchased it in a shop in Orzammar.Item Set 6: Dalish Leather - 5 Defense, item Set 7: Duster Leather - 2 Armor, item Set 8: Wade's Drakeskin - -10 Fatigue.You can get lots of Drake Scales and the Dragon Scale dragon codes during the "Urn xbox Of Sacred Ashes" quest.Menacing (20 points Succeeded at 10 difficult Intimidate attempts.To keep repeating the quest, go back to Dane's Refuge, and buy Trap Triggers. That email never arrived even after being clicked on multiple times.
You can keep repeating the manual process until you have 99 of the starbound item.
Duplicate items update This glitch allows you to duplicate gear, ingredients, potions, and other stuff.
Embri's Many Pockets: Save the Grey Warden Martine by completing "The Missing Warden" quest.
Additionally, there are four secret achievements: A Dark Promise (50 points Defeated the archdemon and, through a dark ritual with Morrigan, spared your own life.
Through the Looking Glass (25 points Completed the scrying ritual).
To start it, collect the journals from the following locations:.A Time of Wood and Stone (25 points Gathered the lost lore virtual of Cadash Thaig.Show more, verizon i recently purchased this codes over ebay, along with a stone prisoner code, for the xbox 360, but the person update I purchased the codes from says they need to be entered on a bioware site (this site does not update come up when searching.The following achievement requires the "Darkspawn Chronicles" bonus downloadable content: Bane of Thedas (25 points Handed victory to the archdemon by killing Ferelden's last Grey Warden.Thus, it is best to only have the items you want to duplicate in both your and the merchant's "Junk" inventory.This will prompt banter between them.Missiles, item Set 16: Splint Mail - 1 Armor.Vendetta (25 points Destroyed the career of Guard Captain Eams.The following achievements require the "Golems Of Amgarrak" bonus downloadable content: Reaper (25 points Defeated the Harvester.Set the spirit free, then ask it to teach you the specialization.

If you get too high of a level and do not have the correct equipment, you can be quickly defeated.
Grim Reaper (50 points Defeated the Harvester on Hard or Nightmare difficulty.

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