(Thats why it doesnt work on client any operating system but Microsoft.).
2012/04/05 23:14:30 statustunnel is configured.
Local Network Subnet must be different than Remote Network Subnet.2012/04/05 23:14:39 warningfailed to ping remote VPN Router!(Up until this point if anything fails you client will get client the quickvpn 5 error message screen.).First the client connects using SSL to the router and looks for a certificate.(Yes, if you look the user cisco is connected in the status of the routers interface for the tunnel.) The inside IP address client determined cisco during the authentication phase.2012/04/05 23:14:14 statusremote gateway was reached by https.At this point the client sends an icmp Echo Request through the tunnel to the internal IP address of the router.We all want our environment secure, but everyones environment is different, and manually changes must be made to allow traffic that we want to work through this added security.The QuickVPN program only works with a router that is properly configured to accept a QuickVPN connection.Do you want to wait?». 2012/04/05 server 21:14:11 warningfailed to quickvpn ping remote VPN Router!
2012/04/05 23:14:36 windows warningfailed to ping remote VPN Router!
2012/04/05 21:13:52 statusverifying Network.
The next step authenticates the episode user name and password supplied to the router.
2012/04/05 21:13:52 statussuccess to connect.
2012/04/05 23:14:30 statusverifying Network.QuickVPN works with computers running Windows 7, 2000, XP, or windows Vista.Must have IPSec Services Running.Hello everyone, Some things promo to be aware.Only one client client per username can be logged in at one time.

Users need to be created and enabled.
Ping test is about to start.
You can test QuickVPN in safe mode with networking on Windows.
cisco quickvpn client windows 7