Ryan Petrich has released the iOS.1 Calendar app for iOS.x as 'Gregorian'.
In view the newest version it gives error.That is certainly not obvious view and calendar it may not sound like it would make sense, but thats how showing the List View works with Calendar for iOS 7 for the time being.Gergorian is essentially the iOS.1 Calendar app which installs as a standalone application rather than a tweak calendar to the existing app.Tap on the Search icon of a magnifying glass to show the List view.Seriously, it's that calendar simple.Despite a few peculiar experiences like this one since the major iOS revamp, all of these great tips for Calendar app continue to work.As it was in iOS 7's month view, you simply saw a dot on each day where something was scheduled.IOS.1 added a minor tweak the to month view in the Calendar app - the ability to view daily agenda's without having to switch screens.We view are using calendar plugin of EddyVerbruggen.This lead to a lot of tapping and navigating just to view your agenda for multiple days within a given month.If youre still confused by this, heres the simple step-by-step breakdown to access calendar the wider date events List view in Calendar app : Open Calendar app as usual on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/cnet.The List view actually does remain in Calendar for the newest versions of iOS you just have to use the excellent trick provided by Luke., who accidentally discovered this when trying to search through schedules as described below: My preferred view in the Calendar.With the Agenda View enabled, you can see a list of your daily events just below the month view.Jason Cipriani/cnet, when Apple released iOS 7 late last year, the overhauled user interface included tweaks and changes throughout the entire calendar operating system. One such change was the removal of the ability to game view your daily agenda from the month view in the Calendar app.
Or so I thought!
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You can now scroll through the list view as normal to bill see whats coming up on the event schedule, or view to see what already passed in your timeline.After tapping on it, the bottom third of your screen will display history the agenda for the respective day you've selected.Users continuing to run prior versions of iOS can continue to find the broad events list using instructions detailed below. Just found it the other day when I clicked on the Magnify Glass to bring up a search field the search field does pop open, but has the added benefit of putting the calendar into the previously missing list view.We are using cordova to built cross platform app.For whatever reason, as part of the Calendar apps dramatic overhaul with iOS 7, the list view seemingly vanished from easy access or so many users thought.To view the agenda, you had to tap on the day, opening another screen.The Calendar List view is debatably the most useful way to quickly see whats on tap with any given schedule on your iPhone or iPad.Note that a Search box does appear history atop the List view so if you do want view to search through dates and events, this is still how you do it, perhaps explaining the icons usage.Alongside numerous other improvements, Apple updated the Calendar app in iOS.1 with a new split view.Be sure to read Sharon Vaknin's post, where you can find more tips to get the most out of the changes in iOS.1.Update: iOS Calendar apps List View has been changed significantly from iOS.1 onward, learn how to access the new and improved version here for the iPhone and iPod touch.Fortunately, jailbreak users won't need to update to iOS.1 to get the new feature.Calendar bill could not found while creating calendar, if we create calendar manually using iphone calendar application, than we get calendar is read only error.