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From Section.1.2, the dimensions of bioprocess rotational 1 speed N i .1 lb principles f .174 lb m ft s 2 624 lb f 2 Answer : 624.Therefore, the volume of air required is 3.678 m /0.21.2.For gases at low pressures, this means 21 mol O 2 and 79 mol.Doran Bioprocess Engineering Principles Solutions Manual.29 Order-of-magnitude calculation rpm means revolutions per minute.Therefore, the mass corresponding to 50 edition gmol of NaCl is: 50 gmol 50 gmol.After bioprocess addition of 3000 l engineering of water, these 50 gmol of NaCl are edition present in (1500 l 500 l 3000 l) 5000 l of solution. Answer : Glucose edition 16 Chapter 2 Introduction to Engineering Calculations (ii) 1 1 Of the.5 g l glucose consumed, 24.7 g l is used for growth. Therefore: Dimensions of Pg N 3 i 5 i D (L2 MT MT 3 ) (L (LT 2 ) 3 1 3 5 (L M ) (T ) L LT 2 As N P is a dimensionless number, equation (i) is not dimensionally homogeneous and therefore cannot.
1 metr metric ic hp 1/3.3.37.
1 l 1000 ml; therefore, in 10 ml or 3 5 1/100 of a litre, a 75 mM bioprocess solution contains (75 10 /100) gmol gmol.
(2.19 8 4 lb m ft s 2 Chapter 2 Introduction to Engineering Calculations 1 lb f Weight.998 104 lb lbm ft.The parameter values and conversion factors can now be used to calculate the dimensionless groups edition in the equation for the Sherwood number.Downstream Processing, oxygen Transfer Systems, over 150 new problems and worked examples.From Table.5 (Appendix A 1 psi.3 Answer :.2.28 Stoichiometry, yield, and limiting substrate (a) Adding up the numbers of C, H and O atoms and the charges on both sides of the equation shows that the equation is balanced: C (10 10 H (20 20 O (34. Answer : Nitrate (d) (c nitrate is the limiting The conversion is based on the amount of limiting substrate available.153.8.52 gm gmol mi min 1 1 Molecular weight From Section.4.5, the composition of air is approximately 21 oxygen and 79 nitrogen.

Answer : 72, assuming that the ideal gas law applies.24 Gas supply 1 The flow rate of bioprocess engineering principles 2nd edition pdf air required to operate the bioreactor.8.5.2 l min.
Therefore: Moles wa water.