For the designer or builder preparing to design install a brick veneer system over steel studs, this resource provides excellent insight into how the system should be designed, detailed and installed.
References American Iron and Steel manual Institute (1996 Durability of Cold-Formed Steel cold Framing Members, aisi Washington,.C., 1996.10 Copyright asce 2006, aEI 2006 Building Integration cold Solutions, downloaded from ascelibrary.American Iron and Steel Institute (2004c Standard for Cold-Formed Steel Framing Truss Design, 2004 Edition, Washington,.C., 2004.Org by gadjah mada university on 09/05/15.Particular gratitude is owed to the American Iron Steel Institute and the Steel Framing Alliance, and their members, for their long-term vision for this market and financial support of this technical effort.In 2004, the Commentary to the Prescriptive Method (aisi, 2004f) was also updated.AEI 2006 Building Integration Solutions, downloaded from ascelibrary.Org) cold and Steel Framing Alliance (m).Figure 2: Single L-Header 4 cold Copyright asce 2006, aEI 2006 Building Integration Solutions, downloaded from ascelibrary. Included in the Wall Stud Design standard studio is a requirement that when sheathing braced design is used, the wall stud shall be evaluated without the sheathing bracing for the dead loads episode and piece loads that may occur during construction or in the event that the sheathing.
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Cold-Formed Steel Design, Third Edition features complete coverage of: * aisi 1996 cold-formed product steel design specification with the 1999 supplement * Both ASD and lrfd methods * The latest design procedures for structural members * Updated design information for connections and systems * Contemporary design.
6 Copyright asce 2006, aEI 2006 Building Integration Solutions, downloaded from ascelibrary.
The design manual consists of two volumes and is available for purchase as a set at aisis online Steel Store.
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In 2005, the aisi completed a Code of Standard Practice.Light Gauge Steel Engineers Association (1998 Lateral Load Resisting Elements: Diaphragm Design Values, Tech Note 558b-1, Washington, DC, 1998.BeamDesign, version:482 LetsConstruct, design Continuous Beams This intuitive and feature rich finite element app is especially useful for civil engineers, mechanical engineers, architects and students who wish to design continuous beams.It is not intended to conflict with or supercede any legal building film regulations, but serves to supplement and amplify such laws and is intended to be used unless there are film differing instructions in the contract documents.Aisi has continued its efforts in this area, under its Committee on Specifications, with a very significant activity being the continuous improvement of the Specification business through ongoing investments in research and development.Dolan,.D., and Easterling,.S.Asdip Steel, version:4.3.5 asdip Structural Software, steel Design per the latest aisc specifications.These procedures provide for balance between producer, user and general interest categories; voting, including the resolution of negatives; public review, interpretations and appeals.